About Mishkaa Khanna & Lance Bloch

About Mishkaa Khanna1
Mishkaa Khanna

Not only is Mishkaa one of the best international coaches and mentors Lance has ever met, but CEO’s of some of India’s top advertising and event management companies regularly consult her for her fresh and innovative marketing ideas and contacts in the movie and glamour industry.
Mishkaa has starred in Bollywood (the Indian equivalent to Hollywood, which produces over 800 movies a year) movies and as Baby Geeta, was probably India’s best known and loved child star ever. She was listed in the Guinness and Limca Books of World Records as the youngest ever winner – at 8 – of a National Film Award (the equivalent of an Academy Award). Apart from the above Mishkaa has successfully run her own TV and Film production company, Mishkaa Productions. In addition, for several years she worked in India as a model, having been named “India’s Best Model”, working with some of their top brands.
Mishkaa has worked with Lance Bloch and Associates as a public speaker, coach and mentor, workshop facilitator and marketing / sales person since 2004.

Lance Bloch
Lance Bloch

Internationally acknowledged clinical psychologist, corporate trainer, and management consultant Lance Bloch, MD of Lance Bloch & Associates for the past 21 years, is a strong all-rounder. He is a former Junior Mayor of Cape Town, South Africa, an international hockey player, and has had poetry and prose published in various magazines. He has often appeared in the media, locally and internationally, from interviews on CNN, American Public Broadcast Radio and several leading South African TV and radio programmes and channels, to articles on him and his work in Agence France Presse and most South African newspapers and many magazines. He also has written articles for many newspapers and magazines.

 He has had the rare distinction of being recognised both locally and internationally for his work, having being named one of the winners of the Junior Chamber International “Four Outstanding Young South Africans” Awards in 1995, and “The Outstanding Young Person of the World” Honoree in 1996, for the barrier-breaking, reconciliation and community building work he has done in South Africa, including for the integration of previously violently opposed military forces.

Bloch is in high demand   for his skills and experience in organisational development and training, being recognised as one of the foremost consultants in South Africa and, increasingly, internationally (he has addressed and facilitated groups in Canada, the USA, the UK, Austria, France, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and at international conferences abroad and in South Africa), in the areas of Team-Building, Diversity, Culture Change, Leadership Development, Personal Development and Coaching, Change Management and Transformation and he is the creator of the innovative and highly successful “The 4th Wave”: Culture-Based Safety, about which he has spoken at MineSafe, Platinum and various Behavioural Based Safety conferences.  In addition, both corporates and government, from shop floor to top management, rate him highly for his innovative experiential training and assessment methodology. He works both indoors, and is well known for his exciting outdoor programmes, as well as for his ability to build powerful workplace communities. He was team psychologist to the South African Rainbow Team in the International Raid Gauloises, the toughest race on earth, and credited with the fact that they had by far the best team spirit of 47 international teams.

He has been a keynote speaker at recent conferences in SA, the UK and USA on “Servant leadership in South Africa: Lessons for the World”.

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