Lance Bloch & Mishkaa Khanna
Lance Bloch & Mishkaa Khanna

Mishkaa Khanna (known as Baby Geeta, possibly Bollywood’s most famous child star ever, the youngest winner of an Indian National Award, and later as Geetanjali, named India’s Top Model in 1999), and South African Lance Bloch (Winner of Junior Chamber International’s “Outstanding Young Person of the World” Award in 1997 for his innovative training workshops to integrate previously warring armies) have been married for 13 years.

This website is all about wanting to making a difference in the world, about leaving our name by leaving our work behind, our work as our signature, our work as our message. To relate a “story worth telling”, a life worth living…

We will thus be taking photographs, making videos and movies, writing words and poems that have an impact, that document things of import, in a world that is in need of caring.

Stay tuned for our weekly updates!

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